Thursday, August 19, 2010

02 Mr. Do, upper nature, Can Control

When Mr/Ms Do is strong, he/she stops the chaos by taking control and putting the widgets in a logical order. Do gives each a chance to talk and keeps Dragon and Crew below so they do not try and dominate.

Dragon is very primitive and likes to take over if possible.  Dragon is a very strong instinct of survival.  Always waiting for him and the lower nature widgets to pop up and take advantage.  Children have to be taught to engage Mr/Ms Do first.

The most functional sequence is for Ant and Bee to see whats out in the world, then let Cuddles and Macho decide if its friendly or dangerous, then decide how to approach the situation, and then let Turtle and Rabbit proceed at the right pace to  accomplish the task that will help them and the rest of the world.  But the widgets can talk back and forth to figure out whats out there, ask Ant and Bee to look for things, ask Geru  if something is what it appears to be or if it is safe or not, give Geru more information, or ask Rabbit if something can be done or not, if the skills are there.  Sounds like thinking.            

The problems arise when the widgets are not cooperative because of natural personality differences, emotional disturbances form childhood or other experiences, misinformation, or lack of skills.  The next posts will address many of these problems and what to do to better coordinate them and balance them out so a person can think better what to do to be aware, happy, wise, and pro active.

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