Saturday, August 21, 2010

01 Mr Do/ Ms Do and Dragon Are Necessary for Balance

Widgets left to themselves would compete without order to rule the roost.  Much like a can of worms they would try to reach the top climbing on each other wrapping around others. Or they may lye dormant at the bottom and let the others take over. We would walk around in a dream state looking around or act much like a psychopath without feelings for others and very impulsive doing what we want, when we want, and how we want.  We would expound on the world our unguided and senseless philosophies that may do little good.  Our species would disappear unless we reproduced like cockroaches leaving dead bodies behind us.

If widgets had no guidance we would still have personalities as everyone has a dominant widget or two or more.  Some people would be observers, others emotional, thinkers, and doers but there would be little coordination between people for the good of all.  We may get war lords, criminals, and we all would have to obey the few or go to our lower natures to survive.  It may look something like war at its worst.

The hero of the day in healthy environments is Mr /Ms Do.  He/she is the awake conscious leader of the pack.  As the officiator of the sequence of widget activity, the hero takes reports from all the widgets equally with out bias and makes a reality that is workable given the needs of the body, or the 'Myself', the Past Lessons and habits, the beliefs about how it all works, and the skills and talents available and a reality that will fit the current situation for the good of self and others.  Other people and their experiences are a resource and help the hero see a workable reality.  The grater the wisdom and resources the more others are taken into consideration, the difference between the baby and the Grandparents. Our hero balances widgets and others' reports to find the best solutions.  If need be he/she will help a weak but important widget be seen and heard and may suppress other widgets or Dragon to find a workable reality and solution.  

In threatening situations that will not work with the above formula, perhaps because there is not enough time,  Dragon has a role to play and may decide the difference between life and death.

When we have both the hero and the Dragon working together most all bases are covered.  To make this possible the brain has a fuse box that turns off the fear so we can rush in a hot fire to save a loved one.  In drastic cases where a person's life is threatened love also may turn off so the person can hurt others in their pursuance of safety.  If they stay off, which happens in prolonged cases of abuse, impulsive actions result from the frazzled nerves and we have a psychopath.  If the psychopath turns off responsible reasoning and begins to hurt others for selfish, dragon and crew, reasons we have a sociopath.

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