Tuesday, August 17, 2010


There are Ten progressive levels for Personality that are or will be covered by blogs. These are:
  1) Individual Personalities to be seen at http://psychotoons.blogspot.com/
  2) Family Personalities and their Interactions to be seen at http://familychildrenpsychotoons.blogspot.com/
  3) Cognitive Personality to be seen at http://battleofthesexesbigtime.blogspot.com/
  4) Situational Personality to be seen at http://jobcultureandpersonalities.blogspot.com/
  5) Community Personalities, a cartoon story about gadgets to be seen at http://psychotoons.org/
  6) State Personality, yet to come.
  7) Nation Personality, yet to come.
  8) International Personality, yet to come.
  9) Role of Consciousness , started at http://psychotoonsconsciousness.blogspot.com/
10) Changing Personality for the better to be seen at http://personalgrowth-psychotoons.blogspot.com/ for the role of Mr/Ms Do and Dragon in Personality at http://www.psychotoons.net/personaljourney.htm for tips on how to change your widgets, personality traits. Become a member of the Psychotoons.org to get up dates on the progression of the blogs and web sites and cartoons.

You order shirts, mugs, etc. with different personality types when you go to the Personality Test.

You can also use Psychotoons.net's internet forum, email, or skype to ask questions on topics or on your personality, the forum is free, so is email if it is not too long and taking up too much time. You can email to scheduale long times, at a dollar a minute for answer writing only, if it is going to take over a few minutes. I don't mind a short chat. 

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